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Yohimbe for your Health and Weight Loss

Preface: Yohimbe is obtained from the bark of widely grown tree in the South African region. The active compound of Yohimbe known as Yohimbine is also found in the great amounts in South African herb known as Quebracho (Aspidospema Quebracho-Blanco). This substance is conventionally used as stimulant for enhancing the sexual desire, in West Africa and South America. Yohimbe and Quebracho are most commonly used in dietary supplements for treating the impotency and encouraging male sexual performance which is frequently marketed as “Herbal Viagra”. It also noticed to increase athletic performance as the substitute of anabolic steroids. The purified extract from Yohimbe bark gives the alkaloid which the stimulant like caffeine and ephedra and is known as Yohimbine which is synchronized as the prescription medication being used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males penile system. It is also widely promoted as the natural form of Viagra used as the male’s sexual desire arouser.    

Yohimbe Theory: The alkaloid known as the Yohimbine found in Yohimbe works as the Mono Amine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitor for enhancing the levels of neurotransmitter, norepinephrine. Yohimbine also functions as the stimulator of the central nervous systems effectively blocking the specific receptors like alpha-2 adrenergic receptors as well as boosts energy levels and also encourages fat oxidation. Yohimbe is also reported of widening the blood vessels by making it probably the useful treatment for penile erectile dysfunction along with some typical forms of male impotency, along with all other activities shown above. Due to the MAO reduction, Yohimbe is sometimes suggested as the treatment for mild depression.   

Scientific Support: There is no authentic clinical evidence which could establish that Yohimbe is either anabolic or thermogenic, though quite often Yohimbe is endorsed as the ‘natural’ medium of enhancing testosterone levels for building muscles, promoting strength and fat loss. Facts based on some trials and tests reveals that Yohimbine could enhance the blood supply to the genital organs, an effect which may occur in both males and females. Thus, Yohimbe may be considered as effective in alleviating some milder forms of both physiological and physical impotency. Merely around 30% of the persons reported to have been benefited with effects in term of penile erectile function and sexual performances, based on the few studies performed on the purified form of Yohimbe.

Yohimbe Safety: The deep concerns about the safety of using Yohimbe products are increased due to the reports of toxicity of Yohimbine which is the major alkaloid of the plant Yohimbe, as the amount of Yohimbe based products piling up in the markets. There are several side effects reported by use of Yohimbe like: negligible complaints of headaches, anxiety and tension to more serious adverse affects including high blood pressure, increased heart beat rates, heart palpitations and hallucinations. However, it is strongly suggested that persons suffering from high blood pressure and kidney disease should avoid using the supplements formulated with ingredients like Yohimbe. The pregnant or anticipating pregnancy should avoid taking Yohimbe due to abortion risk. The foods having Red Wine, Liver and Cheese, should never be combined with Yohimbe. Yohimbe with nasal decongestants or dietary supplements having ephedrine or phenylpropanolamine should not be combined avoiding blood pressure fluctuations. At times Yohimbe is combined with serotonergic supplements for promoting its effectiveness. Combining Yohimbe with any anti-depressant supplements or prescription medications except under the advice and supervision of the nutritionally oriented practitioners is not at all recommended.

Yohimbe Value: Yohimbe is being used as the sexual desire arouser and sexual enhancer for almost past century and no effect on human sex drive or performance has been sufficiently verified. The drug Yohimbine has been assessed in managing the penile erectile disorder in the few small studies, where it reflects some gentle therapeutic advantage over placebo. Clinical analysis of commercial Yohimbine extracts shows that several products showed inadequate amount of Yohimbine alkaloids whereas the most of them were lacking the effective levels of the compound. The concentrations of Yohimbine in commercial Yohimbe products typically range from zero to almost 500 ppm. As Yohimbe bark is noticed to have up to 6% total alkaloids, 10-15% of which are Yohimbine.

Dosage: Since there are no regular accepted doses suggested for Yohimbe, it could be believed that more than 40 mg of Yohimbine per day may show adverse side effects like: dizziness, headaches, loss of coordination and hallucinations. The specific daily amounts of Yohimbine alkaloids noticed in commercial supplements i.e. label claims are mostly in the range of 10 to 30 mg and at times standardized to Yohimbine or total alkaloid contents.

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