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Yellow Bullet Extreme 100 caps by Delta Health

Yellow Bullet Extreme w/ Ephedra
1 Bottle - $39.95

Yellow Bullet Extreme is something you should try if you're looking forward to shedding extra pounds in attempt to get a better body and become visibly fit. If you tried regular Yellow Bullet before, you'll feel the difference. Since Delta Health introduced this very improved and enriched with ingredients version, it now contains twice as much Ephedra Extract that it used to which means full 50mg per capsule. Yellow Bullet Extreme is rich in Niacin aka Nicotinic Acid aka Vitamin B3. It's one of the vital vitamins the deficiency of which may lead to health problems. So 30mg of Niacin equals to 150% of daily value, which is quite normal for an adult. A great share of Pyridoxine HCL keeps blood, heart functions, skin and nerves in their natural healthy condition. There are 800mcg of Folic Acid which is super essential and may be also known as a water-dissoluble form of Vitamin B9. We need this element for DNA creation as well as its repair. Cells growth and well being depends much on Folic Acid. The organism produces red blood cells with the help of this very vitamin. 100mg of Calcium Pantothenate take care of the bones and gristles by fortifying them.
As opposed to its processor Yellow Bullet Extreme is lighter on Caffeine with only 250mg of it. And what makes it really different is Geramium oil mentioned here as 1,3 - dimethylamylamine. It's an alkaloid, a really strong one. Sometimes it goes by the name DMAA. It is perfectly combined with Caffeine and gives great results in weight-loss, energy stimulant and mental concentration enhancer. Many sportsmen, especially body-builders consume it during their training process but what should be mentioned is that 1,3 - dimethylamylamine is prohibited at competitions and regarded as doping. The adverse effects are not multiple and quite innumerous. So if you keep to a well-balanced diet and consume coffee, you are likely to develop a good reaction to this ingredient.
The recommended dosage is restricted to 1 pill a day.


Consult your doctor before using this supplement. Not for use of the individuals under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women. Any caffeine or Ephedra containing products should be restricted while taking this ECA-Stack to avoid ingredient overdose and prevent adverse effects. Keep to the suggested dose and do not exceed the amount of pills taken. In case of overdose, turn to a professional medical assistance. Stop taking pills immediately if you develop headaches, increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea or high blood pressure and consult a doctor.