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Xenadrine with Herbal Ephedra

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Buy Xenadrine with Herbal Ephedra Xenadrine stands alone as the most advanced weight-loss product ever created!

Xenadrene is supported by a groundbreaking clinical trial that has clearly documented Zenadrine's phenomenal fat burning/muscle sparing effects. In this brand new just completed double-blind study conducted by a leading independent clinical testing laboratory, Xenadrine was shown to increase fat-loss by an unprecedented 1700% verses placebo!!! Yes, that's right "seventeen hundred percent"! No other product in the history of the weight-loss industry has ever been shown to yield such remarkable fat-loss results. But that's not all; over the course of the eight week study, Xenadrine helped test subjects preserve their lean muscle mass while achieving this remarkable weight-loss. Xenadrine is the first and only thermogenic diet product that has been clinically proven through a double-blind placebo controlled study to stimulate rapid and dramatic fat-loss while sparing lean muscle.

The results of this clinical study were so impressive, they were accepted for presentation at the annual scientific conference of the North American Association For The Study of Obesity and for publication in the prestigious scientific journal Obesity Research. Never before has a natural dietary supplement been found to stimulate weight-loss results of this extraordinary level.

This same study also found that Xenadrine helped the subjects maintain their muscle tone and significantly improved their ratio of fat to muscle, which results in significant improvements to the body's metabolism. And what this means is that Xenadrine can help you achieve dramatic weight-loss results that last!

Xenadrine Ingredients

Serving Size: 2 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 120

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Bitter orange 85mg
Pantothenic Acid(vitamin B5) 40mg
Ma huang 335mg
Guarana Extract 910mg
White Willow Bark 105mg
Ginger Root 50mg
Proprietary ThermoSynergist Blend 225mg

We regret to inform you that the popular weight loss product Xenadrine is no longer being manufactured by Cytodyne Technologies.

Xenadrine alternative supplements

Alternatives with Ephedra:

Megadrine Ephedra Super powerful original formula - 20mg Ephdrine alkaloids per serving!
$79.95 [more information]
Megadrine with 10mg Ephedra
Megadrine Ephedra with 10mg Ephedra
$35.99, 2/$68.99, 3/$97.99 [more information]

Epehdra Free alternatives:
Xenadrine EFX
New and Improved, Extra Strength Xenadrine EFX provides naturally derived caffeine, which may help increase the body's metabolic rate and support the burning of body fat. To receive the desired weight loss benefits of Xenadrine EFX, it should be used in conjunction with a well-balanced, calorie-controlled diet and exercise program
$23.95 [more information]
Xenadrine NRG
Xenadrine NRG is quick acting and long lasting. In less than 30 minutes of taking Xenadrine-NRG, you may feel its amazing thermogenic effects and keep experiencing them for up to 8 full hours! There's never been anything like Xenadrine-NRG. At work, in the gym or on the go, new Xenadrine-NRG can help give you the lift you're looking for and the body everyone else will be looking at.
$29.95 [more information]