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Drinking Filtered Water and Loosing Weight

It's very important to drink water if you are dieting and the quality of this water is significant as well as the amount of daily water intake. Initial weight loss depends on the loss of water and it's necessary to avoid dehydration as it slows down the process of burning calories. And adequate supply of water is necessary for the fat-burning process. Water flushes toxins created by calories burning out of the body. Dehydration causes the reduction in blood volume and it in its turn causes the reduction on oxygen supply to the muscles and it can make us feel tired. Water assists muscles in the ability to contract, lubricates the joints, helps reduce joint and muscle soreness.

The amount of water we should drink a day depends on individual level of activity, diet, humidity and temperature of environment and weight. The need to drink water can be diminished if we eat plenty of water-dense vegetables and fruits. And normal amount is considered to be about 8 glasses of water a day. Other liquids provide the body with water too but diuretics like alcohol, tea, soda and coffee cause the body to expel water. And if you drink diuretics you should drink more water for compensation.

It's better to drink in advance to avoid the dehydration. Starting day with one or two glasses of water is the perfect way to rehydrate the body and feel great. Well-hydrated body helps organs and muscles to work efficiently and quickly. Well-working body boosts the metabolic rate and it helps to burn calories and gives us energy. Metabolism burns calories 3% faster with the help of water and plays significant role in weight loss. Keeping water close at hand is always useful. A glass of water 15 minutes before eating and with every meal is a good idea.

For those who want to lose weight and keep body in perfect shape and be healthy, the combination of exercise, diet and water is great. Energy levels will be kept high and muscles will recover after training if we drink water before, during and after exercise. We shouldn't also forget that water moisturize our skin.

Numerous studies have proved that those who drink enough water lose more pounds than other dieters. But the quality of water is highly important and if you are going to keep fit and healthy, you should pay special attention to the water you drink.

Bottled water is not a perfect alternative to tap water as it is really expensive and not as healthy as it should be. Though tap water isn't best quality and not free from dangerous contaminants. And such low tap water as well as bottle water quality is solved with the help of water filters. Water filters remove only dangerous contaminants and leave minerals and salts which are important for proper metabolism and hydration of the body. Filtered water is really healthy and remains natural with all necessary and useful natural substances. Water filter systems save money and you drink healthy and pure water. And it's highly recommended for all people and especially for those who want to lose weight quickly. And the use of diet pills, drinking enough filtered water and exercising is a great combination.