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TrimSpa X32 Ephedra Free 60Caps

1 Bottle - $21.99
2 Bottles - $21.49 (per item)
Order TrimSpa X32 Ephedra Free 90 tabs

Buy TrimSpa X32 The research team at Trim Spa spent months developing an all-new advanced Dream Body formula that is specifically tailored to your highly sensitive needs. This formula was created to help achieve a leaner, sexier you... without the worries!

Ten years of research went into Hydroxycut Hardcore's formulation. Add that to the other clinical studies backing Hydroxycut Hardcore's ingredients, and you've got the worlds most powerful fat burner!

Hoodia Gordonii

(Hoo-dee-uh Gore-doh-nee) is a natural appetite suppressant, used for generations to stave off hunger during long hunting expeditions. The hunters realized that this not only deadened their pangs of hunger, but also induced a feeling of physical fullness.


(Gloo-ko-so-meen) is an ingredient, patented by TrimSpa for weight loss, that actually prolongs the amount of time glucose (or blood sugar) stays within the bloodstream after eating. This delay means that any extra insulin can be used directly by the muscles for energy, instead of being transferred too quickly to the warehouse, or fat cells. Therefore it doesn't get stored as useless excess fat. It is safe and promotes weight loss when used as directed.

Green Tea Extract

has long been known for its thermogenic-or heat generating-properties that promote burning of fat. The polyphenols in green tea also contain epigallocatechin gallate, which has been known to significantly reduce food intake and, subsequently, body weight in healthy adults. It is rich in potent bioflavonoids that, together with the polyphenols, provide the antioxidants so vital to fighting free radicals.

Cocoa Extract

contains 3,7 - dimethylxanthine, also known as Theobromine, and is found naturally in cocoa beans. Theobromine belongs to a class of compounds known as Xanthines. The predominate use of Theobromine is as a diuretic.

Citrus Naringinine

(Citrus Na-ring-e-neen) is a powerful, naturally occurring citrus extract that is known to curb the appetite while serving as a source of soluble fiber. Like green tea extract, it is an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage and has also been shown to inhibit enzymes-such as cytochrome P450-that are involved in obesity when found in the body in excessive amounts.

Chromium Chelavite

is an important nutrient that aids in controlling glucose (blood sugar) and carbohydrate cravings; it also offers many other benefits. It helps the body's insulin metabolize fat, convert protein into muscle, and turn sugar into energy, supporting weight loss and the development of lean body mass. A lack of chromium in the diet can result in weight gain, sluggishness, and can trigger a craving for sugar and other carbohydrates. Adding chromium to the diet can significantly reverse these trends.


(Van-a-dee-um) is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant that can also induce physiological effects similar to that of insulin within the body. It assists the metabolism in converting carbohydrates into energy while also affecting the sense of taste and appetite, resulting in less food intake and weight loss.


(Glu-co-ma-nan), derived from the root of the Amorphophallus Konjac plant, is a dietary fiber that assists in weight loss due to its ability to create a sense of fullness, even when taken in small amounts. Glucomannan reduces the appetite significantly and helps to prevent overeating and lessen cravings.

Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose

(So-dee-um Carboxy-meth-el-cell-u-los) is a nontoxic, indigestible, water-based gel. It is not absorbed by the digestive system, but acts to create a sensation of fullness while it is within the stomach and reduces the desire to overeat.

TrimSpa Suggested Use

TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32 is designed to be taken in 1-2 tablet servings, three times each day. However, each metabolism is different and may respond differently to the variety and amount of each ingredient in the formula. For this reason, some customers may need to take 2 tablets, 3 times each day, while some customers may only require 1 tablet, 3 times each day.

In the first ten days of your weight loss plan, it is important to allow the active ingredient time to build up in the body so it can effectively suppress the appetite.

Please consilt your physician before starting weight loss or exercise program.

Do not exceed the recommended serving size of 6 tablets per day. When taking 2 tablets before a meal, take an 8 oz. glass of water with each serving to ensure it reaches the stomach properly.

TrimSpa recommends all customers take 2 tablets, 3 times each day, for the first 10 days. Tablets should always be taken at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to meals.

If this amount works well for you and does not cause any adverse events, continue taking 2 tablets, 3 times each day.

If after the first 10 days you feel that 6 tablets a day is too much for your individual metabolism (if you lose weight too quickly) , you can begin taking 1 tablet, 3 times each day. Another option is to take 1 tablet before breakfast and lunch and 2 tablets before dinner each day. Healthy weight loss is generally recognized at no more than 2-3 pounds per week.

Please remember that each person is different. It may take an adjustment period of trial and error before you find your optimal serving size of TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32, so please be patient and allow your body time to adjust to the product. You may find the following tips helpful.

Drink at least an 8 oz. glass of water with each serving of TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32. This helps with the breakdown of the tablet. It is advisable to consume more than your usual water intake for the duration of your TrimSpa supplementation.

Try to space your tablet-serving schedule by taking TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32 at least 20 to 30 minutes before you eat your 3 primary meals. This is to assure the proper breakdown of the tablet before your meal, allowing you to eat less.

Try eating healthy snacks in between breakfast and lunch, as well as lunch and dinner. Some examples of a healthy snack would be a piece of fruit, a half or whole protein bar, a handful of Trail mix or unsalted nut mix, 10-15 grapes, etc. ... This helps to develop and keep your metabolism burning at a steady pace. It also helps to keep your insulin levels steady, keep you feeling full and satisfied, and keep you from being overly hungry at primary meals.

Develop an exercise program to make TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32 work even harder! (With the consent of your physician, of course)

Begin slowly and work yourself up to at least 30 minutes of exercise 4 times per week. Be sure to include both cardiovascular exercise (aerobics, jogging, bicycling) and resistance training (weight training) in your program. Although TrimSpa works for most people even without exercise, the addition of an exercise regimen can result in faster, more dramatic results.

Make sure you are eating enough.

Because TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32 tends to reduce hunger, many people make the mistake of not eating enough calories to fuel the body. The body compensates for this lack of energy by slowing your metabolic rate. You DO NOT want to slow down your metabolism. Eat at least three square (healthy and balanced) meals per day with healthy snacks in between. Develop a healthy eating plan

There's no question: TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32 works best when integrated into a healthy eating plan. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein, while reducing your intake of processed foods, fried foods, sweets, butter and oil.