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Weight Loss or Gain and Tattooing

Tattooing is unique and attractive type of body modification and it's important to take into consideration multiple facts when you make the choice of tattoo placement, design and size. And if you are prone to weight gain and weight loss it's better to think and decide on tattoo placement with special care. Significant weight loss or gain and muscle gain may affect the tattoo ink.
In most cases when we lose weight there is no or slight shrinking of tattoo but the appearance of tattoo may also dramatically change. If tattoo is too detailed the image can be disordered and blend. Especially it is possible in the cases of drastic weight loss because of illness or bariatric surgery.
Weight gain may cause small or dramatic changes in different body areas and stretch marks are highly possible. And if you get a stretch mark in tattooed area, the ink will be ruined. The damage can be slight and the worst variant meets in cases of deep stretch marks. Speaking about pregnancy weight gain and loss, we should remember that belly and chest tattoos can be damaged by stretch marks.
Muscle gain won't affect the tattoo if you are toning muscles a bit but if you are planning significant muscle gain, it may damage tattoo in that area. The muscle bulge may result in distorting the image.
So, what conclusions can we make? Some people prefer to wait till they achieve optimum muscle mass or have children and don't plan more. But it's too long to wait and there are other ways to avoid tattoo damage and make the body look attractive, sexy and unique with meaningful tattoo.

If you are planning weight loss or pregnancy, if you know that rapid weight gain is possible, think about ankle tattoo, upper back tattoo, wrist or shoulder blade tattoos- they are placed in such areas of the body where stretch marks don't appear and shrinking is almost impossible. If your skin is able to shrink back up without losing the elasticity after weight gain, tattoo will be ok and there will be almost no distortion. Area above the breasts won't get stretched too much as well as upper stomach and these two placements are great ideas for tattoo if you are afraid of stretch marks. Think about more abstract designs and "giving" images and avoid geometric designs and symmetrical pieces such as Celtic knot tattoo, for example.
Body building and even the simplest regular trainings are great for our body- we are healthier and look great. And there are unexpected situations when we lose and gain weight and it's normal to pay special attention to tattoo placement and design. Don't forget that a professional tattoo artist can help you solve most problems and make the perfect decision. Make sure tattoo salon you are going to visit is trusted and tattoo equipment in use is high quality and sterile. There must be not old tattoo machine, all tattoo stuff, medical supplies and disposable tools. Take care of your body and make it more attractive and beautiful! People love those who love themselves, don't they?