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Methylzene 100 caps by Delta Health

Methylzene Ephedra
1 Bottle - $39.99
2 Bottles - $37.49 (per item)
2 Bottles - $33.33 (per item)

Delta Health is happy to introduce brand new Methylzene Ephedra pills! Ephedra containing thermogenic burns fat in record terms and helps you to get rid of the pounds you don't need. Methylzene possesses a very powerful action that is based on the body reaction to its principal ingredient Ephedra, which is common for most of the ECA-Stack. ECA stands for Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirine which are often met together in fat-burning pills. Their action is mostly based on the stimulation of metabolic processes and enhancement of the action of certain neurotransmitters responsible for decision-making and general brain performance.
In 1 capsule of Methylzene Ephedra you get 50mg of Ephedra Extract, 250mg of Caffeine and 100mg of White Willow Bark aka Salix alba. These ingredients are responsible for enhanced thermogenic functions of your body so that all the unwanted fat just burns away. Full daily value of Vitamins B12 and B6 keep your heart strong and add these vital elements to your daily ration. Green Tea and Ginseng Extracts play the role of strong antioxidants and energy stimulants that are on duty of your cells to keep them strong and young by leading out all unnecessary products of urban life. Genuine Hoodia Cactus Extract works like appetite suppressor to help you keep fit and healthy by following a proper diet. It even works twice better when combined with regular exercise or any physical practice. Methylzene Ephedra contains 25mg of Cayenne Pepper, which speaks for itself about its fat burning qualities. With 40.000 heat units it's able to smash off all the fat that hides away your slim body.
The organic elements alkaloids, such as Methylsynephrine and Phenethylamine stimulate blood pressure by raising it, keep the mood on and improve mental focus. Particularly some Phenethylamine is found in chocolate which as known is capable of raising spirits to some extent.
The suggested dosage is strictly limited to 2 capsules a day. Capsules should be taken with meals.


The usage of the supplement is prohibited for individuals under the age of 18. Do not use it either If you're nursing or pregnant. As soon as this very ECA-Stack contains 250mg of caffeine restrain from consuming extra caffeine to avoid certain adverse effects. If any accidental overdose takes place, contact a medical assistance immediately. Exceeded dosage may lead to a stroke or related cardiac problems. In case of dizziness, rapid heartbeat, headaches or similar symptoms you should stop taking the pills and turn for professional medical help. The exceeded amount of the product will not make your physical state any better but can only lead to serious health consequences.