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Lipodrol 100ct by NSL

Buy Lipodrol 100 CapsIt's time to Fight Back Against Weight Gain! Go to war with the right Weapon. Lipodrol is the most powerful and effective fat burner ever formulated!

Supply is limited on the original formula legend! We only have limited quantities, so buy it now before your chance runs out!

The Lipodrol formula is so effective in burning excess body fat without diet or exercise, it's become the most imitated fat loss product on the market. But the truth is there is only one, real Lipodrol. Lipodrol by NSL is protected by U.S. Trademark, and proven to eliminate excess body fat. The powerful Lipodrol helps to get rid of figure-destroying fat without diet or exercise! Of course, regular exercise and a healthy diet is always a good thing. Here are the benefits to using Lipodrol:

Lipodrol Benefits:

  • Burn Body Fat 24 Hrs a Day
  • Boost Energy and Endurance
  • Elevates Metabolism
  • Enhances Mental Clarity and Alertness

Lipodrol Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 100

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Herbal Original Formula Extract
(supplying 50mg Ephedra Extract)
Caffeine: 200mg

Lipodrol Suggested Use

Take 2 Lipodrol caps with a full glass of water, three times per day. Do not exceed 6 caps daily. All About the Lipodrol Original Formula! Burn Fat, Get Energized, and Get Lean with Original Lipodrol! This is the original Lipodrol you have been looking for. Lipodrol by NSL has been shown to help increase fat loss by stimulating your body's metabolism through a thermogenic effect.