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Lean System 7 by Isatori 90 Caps

1 Bottle - $24.99
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Buy Lean System 7 Lean System 7 is an all natural ephedra free fat burner designed to help speed up your metabolism and stimulate fat loss. Taking Lean System 7 before a workout can yield a significant increase in the amount of fat loss during any given amount of time. When you follow a sensible diet and a productive training program you'll even experience greater results with the supplement.

Factors such as age and genetics often limit those from achieving the body that they've always wanted - Lean System 7 in a sense 'levels the playing field' thus making it much easier for those to lose those stubborn pounds that just won't go away. Lean System 7 will help you get that lean, toned, physically fit faster than you think. Get your bottle today!

Lean System 7 Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, and Titanium Dioxide.

Lean System 7 Notes

Lean System 7 penetrates and attacks fat cells by way of three new revolutionary mechanisms:

  1. Lean System 7 contains a rich supply of Yerba mate and guarana, natural herbs that have been shown in a recent study to support rapid fat loss, working synergistically to enhance thermogenesis - the body's ability to free fatty acids and use them for energy.
  2. Lean System 7 supplies the precise amount of Citrus aurantium, a natural herbal stimulant, which has been shown in studies to promote thermal up - regulation and accelerate calorie burning, which helps mobilize and break down bodyfat.
  3. Lean System 7 provides the groundbreaking new micronutrient 7-KetoT, a patented compound which, by activating thermogenic enzymes, has been shown to safely "rev up" the basal metabolic rate and thus "burn" calories more rapidly and continually throughout the day, even while resting, as well as inhibit the storage of fat within the body.

Dandelion, a mild herbal diuretic, has also been added to prevent the body from retaining unwanted, excess water between the skin and muscle tissue. Finally, another patented compound, Bioperine, has been included to support the breakdown and absorption of each of the nutrients in Lean System 7, which increases their uptake and utilization-to achieve full effectiveness.

Lean System 7 contains a precise combination of "metabolic-activation" compounds which, when taken in conjunction with a sensible nutrition and exercise regimen, is designed to help users:

  • Enhance fat metabolism
  • Burn body fat fast!
  • Accelerate calorie burning
  • Inhibit fat storage
  • Activate a healthy metabolic rate
  • And reduce water retention

So, if you're serious about getting in great shape and want help losing bodyfat, once and for all-quickly and safely. then make Lean System 7 a "must-have" on your supplement list!

Clinical Study

Lean System 7 was recently tested In a 8 week Double Blind, Randomized and placebo controlled clinical trial by Dr. John Zenk at the Minnesota Applied Research Center. 35 subjects were involved in the trial (LS7 -19) (Placebo - 16). All subjects were asked to follow a sensible diet which was only 600 calories less than their requirements for energy and asked to participate in just 3 sessions per week of 45 minutes walking or mild jogging.

The subjects were monitored at the halfway mark and at the end of the study. We are pleased to announce the staggering, yet believable results that were achieved by the Lean System 7 subjects. Some subjects lost up to 4.5 inches of their waist and hips and increased their basal metabolic rate by as much as 43%. This equates to using as many as 930 calories more per day. The placebo groups BMR rate actually went into a minus, so their BMR decreased.

Subjects lost an average of approximately 8 lbs, but some subjects achieved up to 19lbs of weight lost and more importantly, the Lean System 7 preserved more lean muscle tissue when dieting , than did the placebo group.

Lean System 7 was also proven to be as equally safe as the placebo when measures of effects on heart rate and blood pressure were tested .

The important element of the outcome of this study are the fact that they were measurable results. We hear so much of the claims of losing 60, 80 or even 100 lbs, but can this often be proven. What Lean System 7 offers is not only realistic and achievable weight loss, but also losses in important areas. To lose up to 4.5 inches of such targeted areas as the hips and waist is unheard of, and while preserving lean muscle tissue.

Lean System 7 Recommended Use

optimal results in reducing bodyfat, we suggest taking 3 capsules, twice per day, 30 minutes prior to meals and/or exercise. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. For best results, begin use with one half the recommended dose for the first week (one to two capsules, twice per day). Each daily dosage of Lean System 7 has been developed to reach a precise range of supplement amounts, which has been validated by research studies to make it most effective and help users gain its full effects.

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