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Lean and Hot 100ct, ECA Stack + Acai

1 Bottle - $49.99
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Lean Hot Ephedra

If you are tired of ordinary diet pills, that you have used millions of times and got no result, we are glad to represent you effective brand new pills with a revolutionary formula to get rid of extra pounds. Lean & Hot Ephedra with Acai is not a typical supplement, aiming at weight loss process, it's also eager to give certain benefits for your immune system and brain activity. Let's pay attention to the central components of Lean & Hot.
Acai Berry is a popular fruit, known mostly for its frequent usage in diet pills. It contains iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium. But what is more important for this very product, it has a low level of sugar and high antioxidant potency, doing its best for burning fat.
Ephedra Extract has a long history in curing cold, hay fever and other illnesses in China. Now this product is widely used all over the world due to its capacity to constricting blood vessels. Increasing the rate of heart beat and blood pressure speed, its influence on the organism results in quick metabolism of the body, what leads to losing weight.
What also gives certain pluses for Lean & Hot with Acai is the usage of Caffeine Anhydrous USP. This is not a typical variant of caffeine, having no water and thus maximizing the effect of a speedy metabolism.
Acacia Rigidula Extract plays a significant role in giving additional vigor boost, needed while losing weight.
White Willow Bark has a similar effect as Aspirin, known as one of the most popular product to get rid of pain, relieve fever or inflammation.This modern type is used to regulate body temperature, as it will definitely rise during fat burning process. The main advantage of White Willow Bark is a light influence on the stomach.
As the period of losing weight is immensely stressful to any organism, Lean & Hot with Acai contains Synephrine, which is an effective component, serving to decrease appetite and giving additional energy to the immune system of the organism.
Not to beat around the bush, Lean & Hot Ephedra with Acai has all benefits to target at the extra pounds! Being a successful fat burner, it aims not only at one's weight, but boosts your immune system, removing free radicals and enriching your body with antioxidants. This product will help you to get incredible results! With a bit dieting and some training the positive effect won't make you wait for it for long.
Take 2 capsules of Lean & Hot Ephedra with Acai daily in the morning and you will see that these pills leave others behind!
Remember! These pills are strictly not advised during the pregnancy, nursing. Not to be used under the age of 18. If you have a negative history of heart, any chronic diseases or high blood pressure it's recommended to consult your GP before to start using Lean & Hot with Acai. Note, that over dosage of this product may become the reason of serious health problems. In this case do immediately consult your doctor. Not to use with other diet pills.