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L-Carnitine (or as it`s sometimes called levocarnitine, vitamine BT, vitamine B11) is a vitamin-like substance which is similar to group B vitamins but unlike them it gets produced by our body that`s why it`s called vitamin-like substance. Within the organism it may be found in the tissues of muscles and liver. Meat, fish, poultry, milk and cheese are the main sources of L-Carnitine. Still it`s pretty hard to satisfy daily need of this substance by only consuming this food. But why do we need L-Carnitine it at all?

  • First of all it keeps the energy of metabolism high and active. It means increased food comprehensibility. Your body does its best to take all the useful things from food consumed
  • Another effect of L-Carnitine is increasing of productivity during hard physical efforts such as intensive workouts
  • Promotes better muscle building due to protein metathesis
  • Speeds up body recovery after exhausting efforts
  • Supports heart while you work out really hard for a result
  • It also fights excess weight and decreases the proportion of fat in your body

Restores nerve tissue structure

The recommended daily need for a healthy adult is up to 300mg

For weight loss or immune system boosting - 1500 - 3000mg