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Alli 120 from GlaxoSmithKline

Buy Alli 120 Alli actually prevents your body from absorbing about a quarter of the fat you eat. Fat is more calorie-dense than genuine carbs or protein. Just one gram of fat has more than double the actual calories of the same amount of protein or carbs. So if you eat a real reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and use genuine alli capsules, you can make a serious difference in your weight as you completely limit the total number of calories that enter your system.

Over-The-Counter Alli from GlaxoSmithKline olso known as Orlistat or Xenical by Roche now available without prescirption

How Does Alli Help you actually Lose Weight?

Alli supports your entire body during the diet and weight loss process by actually preventing the amount of fat that you body is able to absorb from genuine dietary fat. Directly in your intestines your body has enzymes whos primary function is to absorb protein, nutrients and fat directly from the food that you eat. Alli fully prevents the enzymes from processing the fat, yet allows them to still take in all of the protein and other nutrients that your body actually needs to stay healthy.

How Do You Know If You Geniunely Need Alli?

Many people feel that they don't actually need to take a supplement like Alli to help them lose alot of weight. Those same people often jump back and forth between very different diets while their weight completely fluctuates dangerously up and down. If you're a frequent dieter who needs to actually lose 10,15, 20 pounds or more then it's in your absolute best interest to try Alli. Alli is totallly designed to help people give themselves the extra boost by taking off 50% extra weight for them. If a person is able to lose approximately 10 pounds by themself, they'll lose around 15 pounds when they add the Alli diet supplement into their program.

You're probably curious about what Alli actually does in your body.

The active ingredient in alli fully attaches to some of the special natural enzymes in the digestive system, preventing them from actually breaking down about a quarter of the fat you eat. Totally undigested fat cannot be absorbed and passes through the entire body naturally. The excess fat is not actually harmful. In fact, you may finally recognize it in the toilet as something that looks like the oil on top of a entire pizza.

Because of the way in which alli actually works, eating meals with way too much fat may cause side effects known as treatment effects. Learn way more about treatment effects now.

Alli only works on enzymes that actually break down fat, not on other enzymes. So carbohydrates and proteins are not actually affected. You still absorb those special nutrients. But, since fat grams have well more than twice as many calories as actual carbs and proteins, Alli capsules really work on the worst offenders - the genuine calorie-dense fat grams.

Alli is safe when used as specifically directed - it works only in your genuine digestive system, not in your heart or brain.

Alli Packeage Contents

120 count orlistat capsules, 60mg

Shuttle: this carrying case makes it easy to keep doses of Alli with you.

Read Me First Guide: a quick introduction to successful weight loss with the Alli program. Topics include: Changing behavior, Eating right, Getting Active, Writing it Down

Companion Guide: overview of the program and explanation of the basics. Covers Setting goals, Dosage and use, Basic diet guidelines, Treatment effects

Healthy Eating Guide: offers practical suggestions for healthy eating with the Alli program. Includes Menu planning, Shopping, Preparing meals, Eating out

Calorie & Fat Counter: helps make the right food choices - whether at home or at a restaurant. Features a Calorie counter, Fat counter, Food exchanges

Daily Journal: makes it easy to record meals - a habit linked to successful weight loss

Quick Facts: pocket sized cards providing tips to help stay on track. Topics include Dosage, Best food choices, Foods to avoid, Portion sizes

Alli is potentially eligible for FSA reimbursement when medically necessary; check with your plan administrator for eligibility requirements.

Alli Directions

Read the enclosed brochure for other important information Diet and exercise are the starting points for any weight loss program. Try these first before starting any exercise program. To see if orlistat capsules are right for you, find your height on the chart. You may consider starting a weight loss program with orlistat if you weight is the same or more than the weight shown for your height. For overweight adults 18 years and older: Take 1 capsule with each meal containing fat Do not take more than 3 capsules daily Use with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and exercise program until you reach your weight loss goal. Most weight loss occurs in the first 6 months. If you stop taking orlistat, continue with your diet and exercise program. If you start to regain weight after you stop taking orlistat, you may need to start taking orlistat again along with your diet and exercise program. Take a multivitamin once a day, at bedtime, when using orlistat.

Alli Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Orlistat 60mg (Weight Loss Aid)

Inactive Ingredients: FD&C Blue 2, Edible Ink, Gelatin, Iron Oxide, microcystalline cellulose, Povidone, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, sodium starch glycolate, Talc, Titanium Dioxide


Organ transplant alert: Do not use if you have had an organ transplant. Orlistat interferes with the medicines used to prevent transplant rejection.

Allergy alert: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in orlistat capsules.

Do not use:

  • If you are taking cyclosporine
  • If you have been diagnosed with problems absorbing food
  • If you are not overweight
  • Ask a doctor before use if you have ever had:
    • gallbladder problems
    • kidney stones
    • pancreatitis
  • Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are
    • taking warfarin (blood thinning medicine), or are taking medicine for diabetes or thyroid disease. Your medication dose may need to be adjusted.
    • taking other weight loss products

When using this product

Take a multivitamin once a day, at bedtime. Orlistat can reduce the absorption of some vitamins.

Follow a well-balanced, reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. Try starting this diet before taking orlistat.

Orlistat works by preventing the absorption of some of the fat you eat. The fat passes out of your body, so you may have bowel changes. You may get:

  • Gas with oily spotting
  • Loose stools
  • More frequent stools that may be hard to control

Eating a low-fat diet lowers the chance of having these bowel changes

For every 5 pounds you lose from diet alone, orlistat can help you lose 2-3 pounds more. In studies, most people lost 5-10 pounds over 6 months.

Stop use and ask a doctor if

Severe or continuous abdominal pain occurs. This may be a sign of a serious medical condition.

If pregnant or breast-feeding, do not use.

Keep out of reach of children. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Tamper-Evident features for your protection. The bottle of capsules has a foil seal under the cap imprinted with the words "sealed for your protection". each individiual capsules is sealed with a dark blue band around the center of the capsule. Do not use this product if any of these tamper-evident features are missing, torn or broken.

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