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Diet pills with ephedra are available!

If you want to get rid of unwanted pounds within a short time period you are lucky because diet pills with ephedra are still on market! And we talk about trusted and effective supplements which really work and will burn your fat easily! And if combined with proper diet and exercise course ephedra diet pills will bring you unbelievable results!

You don't want to do exercises? You shouldn't!

Ephedra is one of the products which work used by people who don't do any exercises. Without any sport you can loose your weight just taking a proper amount of needed supplements. For example, one of the recent studies showed that a person can loose 10 pounds within 6 weeks taking 200 mg of caffeine, 325 mg of aspirin and 20 mg of ephedrine 3 times a day and doing no exercises at all.

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Ephedra. What is it?

Ephedra was discovered 5000 years before. It is an old Chinese herb which as a rule grows in desert areas and which enchases the metabolic processes, reduces your appetite, burns the fat and all these are made without any harm to your organism. In Chinese medicine it was used to treat asthma, bronchitis and other disorders. There are about 30 species of ephedra among which Ma Huang and Mormon tae are the most well known. Ephedra contains ephedrine, alkaloids, pseudoephedrine and other constituents. It is used in products which are used in body building, weight loss and spheres where increasing of energy is needed. Ephedra is a stimulant and a thermogenic- ephedrine and pseudoephedrine increase blood pressure, heart rate, stimulate brain activity and make the breathing easier. Ephedra also helps to expel exterior pathogens and regulates the proper functioning of the lungs. So ephedra is known as a fat-burner, sport supplement and a smartdrug.

After some side effects of ephedra were found (the result of enchancing the blood pressure and the heart beat rate is massive cardic arrest) this herb was banned by US FDA for some time. But nowadays ephedrine, Ma Huang and other herbal versions are legally used.

Ephedrine. What is it?

Ephedrine is the chemical contained in ephedra which stimulates the cardiovascular systems, central nervous system and opens lung bronchitis. It is derived from the herbs Ephedra Sinica and Ephedra and was used as a medicine before. It is responsible for the main effects of ephedra on the body.

Is ephedra legal?

There were some limitations in using ephedra before but at the moment it's absolutely legal. That means that in the United States you can buy products containing ephedra legally. But it could be changed at any time. When we use ephedra in a proper way it can't damage our organism but as well as with alcohol and caffeine when used irresponsibly it can lead to harmful results.

ECA Stack. What is it?

ECA stack is the most effective way to loose the weight. It's the combination if Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. Ephedrine acts as a beta agonist and a stimulant of releasing the norepinephrine. It causes the raise of body temperature and the increase of metabolism. Caffeine slows cAMP breakdown and triggersthe release of epinephrine. It lessens feeling of tiredness, increases the level of concentration and memory. Aspirin in conjunction with caffeine increases metabolic processes and prolongs the thermogenic effects.

The way ephedra works

Colds and flu usually cause the blockage of nasal passages and ephedra relaxes them by shrinking mucous membranes and drying the watery discharge. The two main ingredients of ephedra are considered to be ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine (plant alkaloids) which create the medicinal values of ephedra fat burners. They stimulate the central nervous system, enhance blood pressure, raise the heart rates, dialate bronchial tubes interacting neurotransmitter receptors. It increases the metabolic processes and the weight loss.

Side effects and recommendations connected with ephedra

Ephedra shouldn't be used by pregnant women. And of course it has some side effects including headaches, poor digestion, sleeping difficulties, trembling, skin reactions, irritability, cardiac arrythmias, high blood pressure, nervousness, weakness, insomnia, vomiting, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, heart diseases. It's not recommended to use ephedra for people who suffer from high blood pressure, prostate adenoma, restlessness, anxiety, glaucoma, pheochromocytoma, impaired circulation, thyrotoxicosis.

If you don't want to have any health problems it's better to start using products containing ephedra or ephedrine alkaloids with less than the recommended dosage. First test your organism using little amount of it and than increase it step by step to the proper dosage. Don't forget that at a time only one product containing nervous system stimulant can be used.